Artisanal baked goods created with love and made to order.

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Grain Free and Paleo! 


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From our baker

Bread is magic. Every time I mix flour and water and time and a beautiful loaf comes out of the oven, I feel amazed. 


Growing up on an organic grain farm and raised by a homesteading mother, I started baking at age 5. Mom made all the bread we ate. Her bread was legendary, and she entered it in and won first prize at the county fair year after year. Her whole wheat bread was hearty and delicious right out of the oven and slathered with fresh butter. Using flour from the wheat my dad grew, and leavening with commercial yeast, Mom taught me this method (which she learned from the Tassajara Bread Book- the hippie bread bible). 

Though she never got a chance to taste my bread, every loaf I make is influenced by my mother, and indeed, I feel her spirit infused in each loaf and the magic that allows flour and water to become something so beautiful and delicious.

Each baked good created in our kitchen is made by hand, in small batches using only natural ingredients. You can taste the difference.

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At Wild Heart Bakeshop we believe that food should taste good, and should be clean and produced in a way that supports healthy people and a healthy planet. We support small family farms and independent businesses, sourcing our high quality and organic ingredients from partners and businesses who share our core values of Sustainability, Family, Care and Integrity.